Admirable originality

In our catalog, exotic and original materials stand out, including marbles, granites, soapstone and quartzites, which makes possible a diverse form of application on many different projects. The continuity of our materials, as well the capacity to supply big demands is in our quarries, where we select quality stones that are forwarded to the production process. In this way, MaqStone can serve distributors, supplying great amount of materials requested by the consumer market.

Primarily used in ancient Greece and after by the Roman Empire, marble was always considered a symbol of luxury and power, and for the same reason, along with its durability was chosen by ancient civilizations, emperors and other powerful individuals for the construction of Several historical monuments which still exist today, such as: the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, (447 BC.), Taj Mahal, India (1653), Tower of Pisa, Italy (1063) and also more recent as Lincoln Memorial, USA (1917) And several other magnificent works.

In addition to its use in historical constructions, marble is also recognized worldwide by millenary sculptures such as Venus de Milo carved around the 2nd century BC. And Victory of Samothrace carved in 190 BC.

Nowadays, marble is still chosen for its resistance and luxury, but its application has expanded and can also be used for floors, tables, sinks and even countertops, and by using a stone sealer its historical durability can be even improved.

From the mineralogical point of view, marbles are metamorphic rocks of sedimentary origin formed in particular by the Dolomite and Calcite ores.

In Brazil, the largest concentrations of marble are in the state of Espírito Santo, which is also the largest producer of ornamental stones in the country.


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