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Great Possibilities for your dreams

MaqStone is a company prepared to accomplish great projects. In the market since 2001, MaqStone brings the best of natural stones to Brazil and the world. Besides supplying materials to diverse regions of Brazil, the company works strongly in the markets of North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

Technology without measures

No wonder we are a reference in the market. All the results come from the quality of our products, which is our main focus. This quality comes from a planned production process. To maintain a high production capacity we continually invest in Italian machinery such as multi-wire, diamond blades, including also resin and polishing lines.

Admirable originality

In our catalog, exotic and original materials stand out, including marbles, granites, soapstone and quartzites, which makes possible a diverse form of application on many different projects. The continuity of our materials, as well the capacity to supply big demands is in our quarries, where we select quality stones that are forwarded to the production process. In this way, MaqStone can serve distributors, supplying great amount of materials requested by the consumer market.


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